Product Description

Product Description: 5D15 ID Profile
Main Chip: MT7628K
Transmission Rate: 300M
Indicator: Determine the reasonable placement by the color changing of indicator (Bi-color indicator light: green, yellow)
Antenna: External Dual Antenna (Can be rotated)
Reset Function: Support(back to Factory Settings)
Size: 77*59*167.5mm
Interface: USB2.0 interface
Power Supply: 5V/1A
Configuration Method: URL and APP.

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Product Detail

USB Repeater:

1,300Mbps high-speed wireless transmission
2, Using with your home router, to expan WiFi wireless and enhance wireless signal
3, Compatible with mainstream routers on the market
4, Quick configuration, repeater configuration through an intuitive UI
5, With indicator light, through a clear color change, help users find the right location of the repeater, and strengthen the wireless effect
6, USB Power Supply
7, Reset hole, could restore it to repeater can restore the factory settings, re-allocation network
8, Double external antenna, can be rotated

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