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Travling Socket With Wifi Features:
1. Alexa, google voice control
2. Ewelink APP control (application mall direct search)
3.  Support multiple phone control socket
4.  Support a cell phone to control multiple sockets
5.  Home appliances power control, you can control lamps, fish tanks, fans, wall lamps, rice cookers and other appliances
6.  The first time and home wifi network configuration, you can use 2,3,4 G, WIFI control equipment,
7.  Power state can be customized to power on, off, and hold
8.  With timer switch function, settings and alarm settings are the same, optional single, cycle, daily, etc.
9.  Delay function
10. Cycle timing function can be used for fish tank oxygen, agricultural irrigation, anti-theft and so on
11. Switch with linkage function, can achieve multiple sockets together
12. Flame retardant shell 

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