Product Description

1* USB Power Socket (4AC OutPut + 3USB Output)
1* Bluetooth AI Speaker
1* Induction Ambient Light
1* Wireless Charger
Wokring Temperature:-10~45℃
Working Humidity::≤80%
Product Size:115mm*115mm*181mm
Package Size: 172*125*257mm
Net Weight:1.5KG
Cross Weight:2KG

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Product Detail

Free Cube AI Smart Speaker:

Free Cube Series is a DIY product that contains USB Power Socket, Smart AI Speaker, LED Ambient Light, Wireless Charge, etc. After purchasing a free cube, you can freely combine other products in the kit to bring convenience and fun to your life and work.

1. USB Power Socket (4AC OutPut + 3USB Output)


USB Power Socket (4AC OutPut + 3USB Output)
Plug Standard:US
Input Voltage:AC130V 50/60Hz
Max Current:15A
Max Power:1875W
USB Output:5V( DC ) 3A
Built-in overload protection
Working Temperature : 14°F ~ 140°F(-10℃~60℃)
• Storage Temperature : 14°F ~ 140°F(-10℃~60℃)
• Storage Humidity: 5%-95% (No condensate beads)
• Dimensions(WxDxH) : 4.6 x 4.6 x 2.2 in (116 x 116 x 55mm)
• Net Weight:700g


Do not coil the extension cords when use the USB Power Socket base, otherwise the actual load current value may be less than its rated value. When multiple plugs are inserted at the same time, the total load power shall not exceed the maximum allowable power. The product is for indoor use only.

2. Bluetooth AI Speaker


Bluetooth AI Speaker
SNR : 89DB
Micro USB Input : 5V/1A
Input Voltage : 5V/24V DC
Built in Battery: 2200mAh
Audio Power Output : 5W*2
Bluetooth Connection Distance: ≤32.8ft ( ≤10m)
Working Temperature: 14°F~140°F (-10℃~60℃)
Dimensions(WxDxH) : 4.6 x 4.6 x 2.5 in(116 x 116 x 63mm)

How to use:

1. Assembly
• The Bluetooth Speaker can be placed on any layer and any direction of the Freecube. The Bluetooth Speaker can be used once the metal connection is placed on the Freecube. The Freecube will automatically charge the speaker while in use.
2. External powered
• The Bluetooth Speaker can be used independently without the Freecube USB power Socket Base. A micro USB cable can be used to supply the power and charge the battery. In external powered mode, if the machine is turned off, the indicator light will show the battery's charging state by illuminating a red light.
3. Battery powered
• The Bluetooth Speaker comes with a built-in battery, which allows the speaker work independently for 4-12 hours.
4. Bluetooth music playback
• Search and pair "Freecube" Bluetooth settings on your phone. Once the connection is successful, you can start using it.
5. TF Card music playback
• Insert TF card, the speaker will automatically start playing music files stored in the TF card. If the bluetooth is connected at the same time, you can easily switch between TF card mode and Bluetooth mode by double clicking the play button.

• Don't hit Bluetooth speaker badly.
• Don’t contact benzene, diluent and other chemicals.
• Don't get close to magnetic and electric field.
• Avoid direct rays or heating appliances.
• Don't disassemble, repair and rebuild.
• Please properly classify and dispose of waste packaging, batteries, old electronic products.

3. Induction Ambient Light


Induction Ambient Light
Power: 5W
Working Voltage: 24V
LED QTY.: 56pcs of 5050SMD
Control Method: Close to; Touch; Slide
Wokring Temperature:-10~45℃
Working Humidity::≤80%
Product Size:115mm*115mm*56mm
Net Weight:300g

How to use:

• The LED Sensor Light can be placed on any layer and any direction of the Freecube. A Maximum of four LED Sensor Lights can be placed on one Freecube USB Power Socket Base. The LED Sensor Light can be used once the metal connection is placed on the Freecube.
2)Control Mode
• The LED Sensor Light is controlled by hand gestures. The sensor is located on the upper side of the light fixture. The Light can be controlled by gently tapping or sliding your hand over the sensor. During Light operation, please do not constantly keep your hand over the light sensor, this can result in operation error.
3)Brightness Toggle
• Gently tap or slide your hand over the light sensor to adjust the brightness levels. There are 3 levels of brightness adjustments, which are Off- > low brightness- > middle brightness - > high brightness- >Off.
4)Color Mode
• To enter the color mode, touch the upper side of the light fixture or keep your hand close to the light sensor for 2 seconds. To exit the color mode, touch or tap the light sensor again, this will set the light as the current color displayed.
5)Music Rhythm Mode
• When the Freecube is connected with the Bluetooth speaker accessory, the light can flash with the rhythm of the music. To enter the music rhythm mode, double tap the light sensor. To exit the music rhythm mode, double tap the light sensor again. When there are more than one LED Sensor Light connected to the Freecube, it can form a rhythmic light post.
6)Linkage Setting
• When there are 2 or more LED Sensor Lights connected to the Freecube, the lights can be synchronized by sliding from bottom to top or from top to bottom. This makes it easy for all lights to display the same color and brightness. When in music rhythm mode, the sliding motion can make all the lights into a rhythmic mode and automatically arranged in a sliding order.

4. Wireless Charger


Wireless Charger
Input : 24V/7W(MAX)
Output : 5V/1A
Charging Distance: ≤ 6mm
Wokring Temperature:-10~50℃
Product Size:115mm*115mm*19mm
Net Weight:200g

Indicator Light:
• OFF:No device is placed on the Charging Pad.
• Orange:Device is charging.
• Green:Device is fully charged.
• Red:Device placed on the Charging Pad but not compatible with the Charging Pad.

How to use:
1) Open and remove the top cover of the Freecube.
2) Place the metal connection face down on the socket

• Keep the charger away from water and other liquids.
• When cleaning the charger, first make sure it is disconnected from the power supply.
• To maximize the phone charging performance, please do not place metal pieces,
coins, or other debris on the charging area.

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