The Future of Smart Home(wifi smart socket)

The intelligent voice assistant has become the next interactive portal for technology giants. Currently, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have all released their own AI speakers. Whether they are Google Home using Assistant, Alex Echo , or Cortana. Microsoft Invoke, or the rumored Apple Siri speakers, voice assistants are the core of these smart speakers. Of these, Amazon Amazon Echo sold over 6.5 million units in 2016 and sold about 20 million units in 2017. In the domestic market, Lenovo and Xunfei have all launched corresponding intelligent voice assistants. The role of smart speakers in this is not just a tester, but also a learner. With the released development of ECHO ALEX's technologies, products with smart home systems are now playing a very powerful role in promoting human-machine dialogues and simple interactions with smart homes, which have great potential in the future.(wifi smart socket)