Feast of Smart Home - Google I/O Conference

This year's Google I/O Conference was held in California in May. The protagonist is still AI artificial intelligence. "Mobile First to AI First" proposed many times. AI artificial intelligence can be understood as speech recognition, image recognition, behavioral prediction, and moderator understanding of the representation of these deep learning related technologies on the product side, demonstrating a more humanized experience brought about by AI. Taking Googles product as examples: Gmail can help users write e-mails with predictability; Users dont need to input one word or one word; Photos automatically recognizes faces, retouches users and converts texts automatically; Assistant can handle two instructions for users at the same time , and even directly back to the business phone reservations; News can automatically build news topics to help users understand the ins and outs of the hot events; Waymo's automatic driving can predict those unexpected accidents, slow down in advance to avoid the red lights suddenly crossed the pedestrians vehicle.
  G-MIN thinks that the home market is also a reflection of AI using in the corporate market. We also hope that the it will bring more convenience to the lives of the general public in the smart home market.